I took a wonderful workshop with Sherrie McGraw in Scottsdale. She is amazing. She broke her wrist and painted with her left hand instead of canceling the class. I would really recommend her to anyone interested in painting the figure or still life.

Open Studios was very successful. It was wonderful to receive such positive feedback on my new work. I'm surprised at how hard it has been to change from watercolors to oils, I thought it was going to be so easy! Each painting I do is a challenge, but I need to remember how long it took to become proficient in watercolors.

I've been traveling so much, Seattle, North Carolina, next week Tahoe and then New York, so I haven't been in my studio for quite a while. Painting is such a wonderful obsession, it's very hard to be away from it for any length of time. I hope to get back to it soon.

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