12 x 16
More ebay toys.

Marin Open Studios is this weekend
May 5 & 6
Come visit if you're in San Rafael

Go For It10 x 15

This is an antique wooden toy
I found on ebay.

7 x 10


This one sold before it was signed or framed.
I was really happy
with it so it was hard to let

Autumn Glow

6 x 10

Back to a more traditional subject. I have
wanted to try paper (like everyone else) and couldn't
resist the red pomegranate.

9 x 12

Another fun one. I stuck the lollipop on the wall
and taped the green stick of candy next to it. When
I came back the next day the green candy was broken
and a piece slid down the wall taking pieces of paint
with it.

For those of you in the San Francisco bay
area, Marin Open Studios is May 1,2 & 8,9th.
You can visit my studio at Art Works
Downtown, 1337 4th. St. San Rafael. Do to a very
unexpected and hopefully short term illness
I won't be there. My studio will be open
and someone will be there to help you.

Let It Pour


I had so much fun with this one. Thanks
to John Morra's workshop, I'm becoming
even more realistic. It took quite a while to
arrange the objects, the Hersey's kiss
was added after I started painting.
Creating something whimsical was a
nice change.

Another wonder workshop, this time with John Morra
from New York, www.johnmorrapainting.com. He is
one of today's leading classical realists and part of the
group associated with the Water Street Atelier. It is so
wonderful to finally find mentors devoted to realism.
It is time, however, for me to stay home and paint!